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Boarders Without Borders

Spring is coming! The other day, I was at the kitchen window when I noticed the mulch in the flower bed twitching. Kinda creepy… oh wait, it was a bunch of robins hopping around looking for breakfast. There must have … Continue reading

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New Year’s Luck: A Guest Post

I wanted to share this post with you because it gives a northerner’s charming take on our treasured Southern tradition of eating blackeye peas on New Year’s Day. The post first appeared December 31, 2017 on Carolee’s blog “Herbal Blessings.” Carolee … Continue reading

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Last summer I decided to plant some peppers. I use spicy, dark green spearhead-shaped poblanos a lot, so I got a poblano plant. The store also had a sweet red bell variety, and a pretty purple bell called “Pinot Noir.” … Continue reading

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An Herbal Miracle

Usually when I try to grow herbs, they come to a bad end. a) Too much sun, so they scorch on the first hot, sunny day. Or, b) The pots tip over, blocking the plant from the sprinklers, and they … Continue reading

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In Memory: A Bluebonnet Anniversary

oem>This post originally appeared on this blog On October 18, 2010. I re-post it in loving memory of Brent’s dad, Dr. Arnold Johnson, who has been gone for eight years now. One of the most distinctive symbols of Texas, besides … Continue reading

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Show of hands: who’s glad to have some warm days mixed into each week? Yep, spring is in the air. My optimistic self drools over seed packets, planning what yummy things I’ll grow this year. But now, while we’re waiting … Continue reading

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Waste Not. . .

I grow carrots in my little backyard veggie garden. In the last three years I haven’t had to buy carrot seeds… I let the carrots provide them for me. Here’s the top-secret, fancy-schmancy procedure… 1. Plant a lot of carrot … Continue reading

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