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How to Score “King of the Mountain” Status Without Riding a Bicycle

Chronically knotted muscles are no fun. I would know, because for the last 18 years or so, my left shoulder has been bunched up so it looks like the Incredible Hulk’s, compared to my right shoulder, which more closely resembles … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Workout Benefit Somebody Besides Yourself

I was bicycling along one Saturday morning in the unseasonably warm sunshine, when it dawned on me: I have never told you all about Charity Miles. What was I thinking?? Longtime cycling buddy René Guerra put me onto it last … Continue reading

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Dang. Overnight lows in the low 20s last week, again. And after raining all day, turning to sleet turning to snow? Cancel my reservation for that class at the gym. Unfortunately, sitting around on my chilly rear with mug after … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for the Bike Masochist

You can just tell when a fitness product is targeted toward the male market. Recently Brent was looking online for some new cycling DVDs. (These are videos meant to guide your workout on a stationary bike or trainer, as I’ve … Continue reading

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