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Hittin’ the Brakes

How are you at time management? Maybe you can multi-task, but apparently, I can’t. Case in point: blogging twice a week is keeping me from writing my humor series. Also I’m organizing my interview transcripts, preparing to plunge into writing … Continue reading

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The Other Six

Have you ever read a familiar paragraph that you’ve read a million times, only to discover there was one little part that you’d never really thought about? I’ve got an example in mind. (C’mon, you knew I would!) Consider the … Continue reading

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“Stats” or Bridge?

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my book giveaway drawing… you know, the drawing nobody entered? Well, I wrote about it partly to tell you where the book ended up, and partly in the interests of full disclosure–I … Continue reading

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Post #200: YOUR Turn

I can’t believe it: in a little under three years I have published 199 posts. This one is #200. Thanks to all who have read these thoughts. I wouldn’t keep writing if it weren’t for you readers! I mean, what … Continue reading

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Time-sensitive: Don’t Lose Joywriting!

Hi, all, I guess my head has been in the sand…. I just found out from Author Media that Google is shutting down Google Reader as of this Monday, July 1. If you subscribe to this and/or other blogs via … Continue reading

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So. I have started a collection. It isn’t a hobby, exactly… You see, after I started publicizing my blog posts (by adding “tags” so other WordPress users might find them), I also started getting spam comments. These are designed to … Continue reading

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2011 In Review

My bloggy friend Ashley posted this kind of review challenge, inviting others to link up: I thought it would be fun to take a look back over the year on the blog, using a quick and simple formula to do … Continue reading

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