Hittin’ the Brakes

How are you at time management? Maybe you can multi-task, but apparently, I can’t. Case in point: blogging twice a week is keeping me from writing my humor series. Also I’m organizing my interview transcripts, preparing to plunge into writing the biography I mentioned earlier. See?

Arranging stories from transcripts in chronological order.
Some assembly required.

Someone recently made me realize that every hour I invest in preparing blog posts is an hour that I’m NOT working on my major projects. I have hometown folks waiting for that East Texas series, people! And more folks waiting for the biography I’m just starting on.

So I’m hitting the brakes on this blog… reluctantly, because it’s so much fun to share my goofy-but-true stories. Gonna see how it goes–hopefully, I can still take time to write a post each month or so. Like if something extra ridiculous happens, or maybe I have a few photos to share. But I won’t stress over it.

I’m off now to set up some project deadlines for myself. I need goals and a hefty dose of focus. Goodbye, multitasking! I’m typing my way toward those two sweet words:

“The End”

Thanks for reading,

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Pandora FAIL

How do you fail at Pandora?

To be clear, I’m talking about the online-radio app, not the charm bracelets.

Technically, it’s just an app, not an appliance… but I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Sunday evening, we had our Liberian friends and several friends from church at our house for a potluck dinner. I set Pandora on an uplifting worship music station and put it through the speakers. Everyone arrived, we set up the food, and people visited while munching chips and salsa. Then it was time to start eating in earnest.

We bowed our heads for prayer, and Brent thanked the Lord for the friends and food. He had barely started speaking when I heard a feminine voice say, “Uh-ohhh…” Thinking something had spilled, I glanced around to see whether anyone needed a towel or mop.

No, all heads were bowed.

That’s when I heard the voice again. This time I realized it was coming from the speaker above my head.

It was a commercial…

… a commercial for diarrhea medicine.

Could there be a more ominous start to a meal?

We got through the prayer with only a few snickers. Now we’re all thankful, not only for friends and food, but for laughter. And the fact no one needed any medication after dinner.

Thanks for reading,

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Learn to Relax!

Last week, I went to my first-ever yoga class. Some friends I’ve consulted recommend yoga to correct my posture and ease my chronic knotted-up shoulder, so I thought I’d give it a try.

It went better than you might think, for a somewhat awkward newbie. There were only a few mishaps:

1. The class info said to bring a large towel. I brought a gigantic, cabana-striped beach towel. Everyone else had normal bath-size towels.
2. My toes cramped.
3. My water bottle got knocked over.
4. I lost my balance.
5. The warm room made me sweat.
6. I tripped over my oversize towel.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Yeah, but then the class started.

7:30 PM– The instructor had us lie down on our backs for a few moments to collect our focus. I went into a coughing jag.

7:33 PM– We stood and began with some deep, steady breathing. Looking up at the ceiling while inhaling and then looking down for the exhale made me dizzy.

7:45 PM– My balance is normally pretty decent. I mean, I often stand on one foot while doing chores or talking on the phone, simply to challenge myself. But without shoes, I could not hold even the simplest one-footed pose for more than two seconds. I finally moved to where I could touch a wall. Sheesh.

7:50-8:35 PM– I didn’t know what all the instructions meant.

8:15-8:30 PM– As we progressed, I got so focused on trying to follow the multi-step movement instructions that I, um, forgot to breathe.

8:20 PM– Who forgets to breathe??

However, our instructor encouraged us all along. He kept advising us not to fight our bodies or stress out about things we can’t do (or can’t yet do). That reminded me to be thankful for all I can do.

So, even though the beginner class was still a bit over my head, I’m gonna go back and try again. Any progress is a win, right?

At the close of class, we got to stretch and then relax for a few minutes. As a closing, the instructor said “Namaste” and the others replied in kind. This is apparently a yoga thing.

Bonus: While grocery shopping the very next day, I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt that says it all:


Thanks for reading,

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“Dear Texas…” – A Guest Post

Why should I whine about the sudden summer heat around here, when my friend Misty Ansted has already said it so well? With her kind permission, I present her open letter (which first appeared on her Facebook timeline over Memorial Day weekend 2018) to our favorite state.

Evidence captured Sunday, May 27

Um, yeah….hey there Texas.

So, this is problematic. See, it’s just now Memorial Day weekend. You can’t be doing this to us yet. This hell is gonna need to wait until at least mid July but preferably August. If you do this now, this means we are already stuck indoors, hoping for no rolling black outs, so we don’t sweat there too, and praying our cars and houses don’t melt in the scorching heat. Our pools automatically become large hot tubs and literally NO outdoor activity is enjoyable until like 10pm at night.

There’s not enough electricity in this state to accommodate this kind of torture all summer. Not to mention, if this lasts three straight months, Texas you will literally disintegrate. From space you’re just gonna see what appears to be a large Texas shaped grass fire.

Northerners are gonna come down in August and just find scorched houses and bodies and landmarks that used to be there. Not acceptable, Texas. You know better, darlin. So, we gonna need you to simmer down a bit so we can enjoy at least a month or so of summer before you turn into the 7th ring of hell.

You know I love you. I have for 38 years, but we had to have this talk. Please, we aren’t asking for much. Mid 90’s are acceptable. But 100 and over. Just no. Not yet babe, not yet.

All my love to the greatest state ever (except in August),

Misty is working toward a Master’s degree in Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary, where she also holds down a challenging, almost-full-time job. She and her husband, Matt, have three children ages 4 to 14. And in her spare time, she likes to… um, she… oh.

Never mind.

Y’all stay cool!
Thanks for reading,

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Mama B: A Time to Heal, by Michelle Stimpson

Image credit: amazon.com

From Amazon:

Mama B’s been helping strangers through their issues, but her own daughter may have the biggest problem of them all—a problem with Mama B! When Cassandra invites her mother to a “therapy” session, the accusations launched are enough to send Mama B into a tizzy.  … Mama B’s got her hands full trying to keep her family together. But Mama B fans know she has her own way of standing up to a spiritual attack, and it sure don’t involve fussin’ and arguin’ with folk. She knows exactly where to turn for help.

Why do I like it? Well, for starters, the main character. I wish Mama B lived in our neighborhood. She’s fun, and active, and godly, and eighty years old.

She’s also real. She goofs up some, but that’s usually a matter of trying to rush in half-cocked to help someone. Or in this case, to defend herself. Mama B is wise enough to inspire me, but imperfect enough that I can still relate to her.

Stimpson’s other characters are always spot on, too. Even the most annoying ones have some reason to act the way they do.

I’ve enjoyed every book in this series, so chalk up A Time to Heal as another Great Weekend Read!

You can visit author Michelle Stimpson’s website by clicking here.

Thanks for reading,

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Headin’ for the Hills… Again

Saturday dawned warm and partly cloudy. Perfect for a bike ride.

That’s a good thing, because the Cedar Hill Rotary Club held its annual “Head for the Hills” bicycle rally on Saturday. Greg, our younger son, came for a visit and to participate in the ride with us.

Greg hasn’t been riding much. Neither had I, plus I had time constraints, so he and I settled for the 20-mile route. Brent, of course, launched into the 62-miler.

We rode into some annoying wind, but knew that same wind would help push us back to the start/finish. The clouds kept the temperature from getting too hot.

As Greg and I finished the ride, Red Robin Burgers was just firing up their grill.

Oh, yeah. Fresh, juicy cheeseburgers with my favorite toppings and a Coke.
And a bottle of water.
And another Coke.

Brent finished his ride at a great pace, and enjoyed his burger in turn. We even had time for a quick swim before I had to get ready for my meeting.

What a perfect day!

Seven years ago, I wrote a thoughtful post about this same rally, which you can read by clicking here.

But not this time.

This time, I’m just gloating. Don’t judge.

Thanks for reading!

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Fajita Magic

Y’all, I’ve accidentally invented the best entree ever. It all started when Brent and I planned a dinner party for ten friends.

What to serve?

“Fajitas,” I declared. “You just grill some meat and veggies, and everyone piles whatever they want into a tortilla.”

Simple, right?

If you know me, you know the answer to “Simple, right?” is never, ever “yes.”

I never know how much to cook for a crowd, so I just fixed plenty of everything. We stretched the dining table out to the max, jammed twelve chairs around it, and started serving the goods.

There, um, wasn’t enough room on the table for everyone’s plates and two baskets of chips and all the food dishes.

We made do, and everyone ate their fill of fajitas. The awkward crowding made the event all the more cozy. That’s my story, anyway.

After we ate, I put the leftovers into plastic containers and stacked them in the fridge.

When I looked into the fridge the next day, it was as crowded as the table had been. It dawned on me–five or six kinds of fajita contents sat bundled into separate Gladware boxes, plus another containing two cups or more of leftover cooked rice.

Inspiration hit.

Out came alllll of the fajita ingredients, even some cheese and sour cream. I mixed everything with the cooked rice, consolidating the leftovers into a baking dish.

Into the oven until it started to brown… viola! A super yummy casserole. I’ve thrown leftovers together and heated them up, but this time the outcome was exceptional.

And only one Gladware box (not seven) needed to store the same amount of food!

Sorry, I don’t have a picture (It wasn’t pretty anyway) or a recipe* (use whatever you have). But I’ll definitely make this stuff again.

Bon appétit!
Thanks for reading,
* PS: I sort of have a recipe, in that I marinated the meats in soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, and salt.

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