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New Year in the New “Digs”

Earlier, I mentioned the new house we were building. Well, it’s all done and our stuff was inside by the first week of November. So that means we’ve been moved in since then, right? Ummm, no. See, the full move-in … Continue reading

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Building Excitement

Yours truly, the Queen of Sidetracked-ness, has reached unprecedented heights of distraction. We’re having a new house built, and I’m pretty dang excited about it. Not that we’re moving very far—only about four miles, in fact—but we needed a different configuration … Continue reading

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Did Somebody Say “Update?”

True confession: Around September 20, I finished the first draft of Book 1 in my humor series. Actually typed “THE END” and everything. In so doing, I beat my stated goal by more than two months. Did I report to … Continue reading

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How to Dye Your Hair a Fashionable Shade of Magenta Without Actually Trying

Originally posted on Joywriting: Everybody Has a Story:
Step 1: Allow your hair to go grey. (If your hair is light blonde, either by nature or by art, you may skip this very time-consuming step.) Step 2: Wash and dry…

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Call me Grandma!

My draft folder contains four unfinished posts, two of which I started a month ago and never seemed to get back to. But then I planned to post about the women’s retreat I would attend this past weekend, and was … Continue reading

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Waste Not. . .

I grow carrots in my little backyard veggie garden. In the last three years I haven’t had to buy carrot seeds… I let the carrots provide them for me. Here’s the top-secret, fancy-schmancy procedure… 1. Plant a lot of carrot … Continue reading

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Poll Results: Thank You

This is a bonus post to share the results from “Post #200: YOUR turn.” I knew it… I just knew it. You people would rather laugh at me than absorb my great literary or philosophical thoughts. I see how it … Continue reading

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