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Easy Does It!

When winter weather keeps us from bicycling outdoors, we often use “spin-class” DVDs produced by cycling coach Graeme Street. One such session was all about accelerating. A particularly useful piece of advice from that class has stayed with me: Resist … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Workout Benefit Somebody Besides Yourself

I was bicycling along one Saturday morning in the unseasonably warm sunshine, when it dawned on me: I have never told you all about Charity Miles. What was I thinking?? Longtime cycling buddy René Guerra put me onto it last … Continue reading

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Spinning My Wheels

I grew up loving bicycles. From my first hand-me-down with solid rubber tires (ouch!) to road riding, I learned to deal with progressively greater challenges, like balancing. And traffic. And “toe clips” (later cleats) to keep my feet on the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in my “Other” World…

The day before Father’s Day, Mrs. Tweedy and I drove to Italy, Texas to participate in the “Tour d’Italia” bike ride as usual. The organizers offer five different routes: You can choose 12, 30, 42, 50, or 63 miles. I’d … Continue reading

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Audible Confusion

Some weeks ago, Brent went into the garage to clean and lubricate his bike chain. Perfect weather, plenty of daylight… but something conspired to hinder him. The local wildlife. I should explain. He had wiped the excess lube from the … Continue reading

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This is “Ride” Up My Alley (sort of): National Bike Month

Hey, I didn’t mean to write about fitness two weeks in a row, but just learned that May is National Bike Month. I feel responsible for passing this news on to you, since I’m obviously a primo cyclist who never … Continue reading

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Dang. Overnight lows in the low 20s last week, again. And after raining all day, turning to sleet turning to snow? Cancel my reservation for that class at the gym. Unfortunately, sitting around on my chilly rear with mug after … Continue reading

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