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A Meme… Who, Me?

It all started when I dropped by the grocery store for a few items. Some soft drinks and fresh vegetables, including a head of red cabbage. Normally I tie the grocery bags closed, but was in a bit of a … Continue reading

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More Food Impostors

Last month I published a scathing exposé revealing the startling news that, when cooked and mashed, cauliflower is still… cauliflower. Not potatoes or bread. I’ve since uncovered even more food fraud, and am back to warn you. First, take almond … Continue reading

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THR3E, by Ted Dekker

I thought I’d shared this book with you ages ago, but just discovered I haven’t said a word about it. THR3E is over ten years old, one of Ted Dekker’s earlier works. It’s the first book of his that I … Continue reading

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I’m heading straight into my sixties. Certain people (notably, people who call me “Mom”) will likely make “over the hill” jokes. Don’t worry about me, though. I don’t see the problem with growing older. After all, everything is more beautiful … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

I already told you about experiencing the total solar eclipse, but that took place over just a tiny fraction of our “bucket-list” trip to Missouri. There were more adventures… On the drive up… I let Brent in on my personal … Continue reading

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We Have Lost the Coffee, by Paul Mathews

Y’all, it’s almost getting to be annoying. In this third* book of his Kindle series, Paul Mathews puts his characters in the most hilarious, outrageous, unbelievable peril, and still makes me worry about them. Not to mention that whenever I … Continue reading

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For the past couple of weeks, while being distracted by Hurricane Harvey — all our Houston & Gulf Coast relatives are fine, thank the Lord, and with hardly any property damage — I also had our little dog‘s sudden decline … Continue reading

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