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What Do YOU See? (A Survey)

Greetings, friends! I’ve been using this free blog website for almost seven years. The thing that keeps it free is that WordPress can place advertisements in my posts. I don’t actually see those ads, myself. All I see, from my … Continue reading

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We Have Lost the President, by Paul Mathews

If you don’t enjoy British humor, just click over to some other post now. Still with me? Goooood. We Have Lost the President is one of those books I would’ve bought for the title alone, just because it makes me … Continue reading

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You Know You’re One of the Family When…

Last weekend we visited Brent’s mom, rather belatedly, for her birthday. Mom and I sat at the table with our coffee, reminiscing about our long history. “You’ve treated me like a daughter from day one,” I told her with gratitude. … Continue reading

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Where’s the Beef??

Call me old, but sometimes I can’t keep track of what I’m doing. Last week, I made two trips to Sprouts. First, my usual grocery run. While I was there, I noticed grass-fed ground beef on sale, but failed to … Continue reading

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Daddy 3.0, by Rob Armstrong

I ran across this book on Amazon. The cover design caught my eye, then I noticed the subtitle: “A Comedy of Errors.” Yep, gotta read this. Twin preschoolers. Their mom, working 16-hour days at the hospital. Their dad, recently unemployed. … Continue reading

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Pint-Size Adventure

I know I show you a lot of photos of my grandchildren, but this one is about more than Grandson Extraordinaire. It’s about adventure… I took this pitcure during our trip to visit our son and family in the Pacific … Continue reading

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Field Trip!

Originally posted on Joywriting: Everybody Has a Story:
Well, I’m happy to report that some good came of those dreadful early-March “snow days” of cabin fever and peach-tree panic. Trapped in the house with nothing to do except either polish…

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