FitBit Followup

I’m such a doofus.

If you’ve been with me a while, you know I like to add photos to my posts… usually snapshots I’ve taken myself.

Last time, I told you about wearing my FitBit around the grocery store, yet registering almost NO steps because my hand was on the cart handle nearly the whole time. But did I think to take a picture to go with the post? No, of course not.

No problem. The day before that post was to go live, I needed to make another grocery run. I’ll just take the picture when I get there and use that, ran my brilliant plan.

Except I was visiting the brand-new Kroger. Navigating the unfamiliar terrain was all I could manage. Never once thought of illustrating my post until after I got home. I had to settle for a FitBit screenshot.

Not only that, but I forgot about the FitBit Follies and again clutched the grocery cart the whole time, again registering only a few steps for that hour. Still no photo, and now two missed dots.

I’m losing ground.

Third time’s the charm, though. Yesterday, I needed just a few more grocery items….

Here at last is the missing illustration intended for the first post:

Stepped and scored… and caught on camera!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. My dear, you are WAY too hard on yourself about the photo. However, the cart-clutching two times in a row is something I would do. That should be scary! 😉 ❤️

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