We Have Lost the Chihuahuas, by Paul Mathews

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Howie Pond is at it again… whether he likes it or not.

And he doesn’t.

Now that he’s been released from his temporary assignment as a secret agent, you’d think he could go back to his own work as presidential spokesperson. But no… the First Lady’s three chihuahuas have disappeared from her apartment. Try as he might to dodge, Howie gets sucked into helping his friend, the chief of police, track down the dognappers.

Meanwhile, Howie’s wife, Britt, has just been sworn in as a secret agent. Her first assignment? Find those chihuahuas, preferably before the police do, and grab all the glory.

Unlike the longsuffering Howie, Mathews obviously loves his work. His broad satire, goofy situations, and snarky obsession with food are balanced by well-drawn characters and genuine suspense.

All in all, I find this fourth book in the “We Have Lost” series to be a Great Weekend Read.

And I don’t even like chihuahuas.

Thanks for reading!

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