We Have Lost the Pelicans, by Paul Mathews

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I couldn’t help it… as soon as I finished We Have Lost the President and told you about it, I had to jump in and read the next book.

We Have Lost the Pelicans continues the story of London’s Howie Pond, the most reluctant secret agent ever, and his journalist wife, Britt. If anything, this second book is even wackier than the first, which is right up my alley.

Who on earth would steal the national pelicans right before they are needed for a presidential photo-op? No one is safe from the mysterious villian(s)… or from Mathews’ satire.

Hair-raising peril, multiple twists and turns, a temperamental robot, unlikely alliances, doughnuts and sausages (sooooo many sausages) … this book has it all.

No spoilers, but as you embark on this Great Weekend Read, remember that things are not always as they seem.

Thanks for reading!

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