What Do YOU See? (A Survey)

Greetings, friends! I’ve been using this free blog website for almost seven years. The thing that keeps it free is that WordPress can place advertisements in my posts. I don’t actually see those ads, myself. All I see, from my lofty logged-in-as-administrator position, is this cryptic message:

Advertisements? … What ads, exactly?

Last week, someone asked me about the ads. I got to thinking… Just what is WordPress putting under my carefully crafted / enthralling / goofy blog posts? Am I advertising great things like dark chocolate and bicycles? Is it stuff I don’t even use, like bourbon or Lipitor? Ack, what if people see those blushworthy “double-outdoor-bathtub” ads on my site??

You can help ease my mind, or at least satisfy my curiosity. Yes, it’s a survey! Sorry I can’t give you a multiple choice “radio button” poll, since I have no idea what my field of answers might be. BUT, if you’d do me the favor of telling me what product(s), if any, you see advertised here, I’d be forever in your debt. I might even make you a batch of my fabulous chocolate chip cookies, if I can get my appliances to co-operate for once!

Please go to “Leave a Reply” below, and type in the name or kind of product advertised, OR “none” if you don’t see an ad. Bonus points (extra chocolate chips in your hypothetical cookies) if you check and report on more than one post.

Oh… Bear in mind, the ads you see likely reflect YOUR browsing history, so if you do see a “double-outdoor-bathtub” ad, you might want to comment anonymously.

Thank you SO much for reading and responding! For greater participation, please share by clicking the “Facebook” and/or “Twitter” button below… assuming you have an account with either, of course.

I’ll share a results summary soon.
Thanks again,

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7 Responses to What Do YOU See? (A Survey)

  1. Brent Johnson says:

    Restaurant ads

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  2. ann says:

    I see Kayak – “Travel Problems Solved.”

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  3. Cindy Gise says:

    Travel ads, restaurant ads and sometimes quilting ads

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  4. DONNA PRICE says:

    Ad for clothes catalog I regularly order from.


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