Daddy 3.0, by Rob Armstrong

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I ran across this book on Amazon. The cover design caught my eye, then I noticed the subtitle: “A Comedy of Errors.”

Yep, gotta read this.

Twin preschoolers. Their mom, working 16-hour days at the hospital. Their dad, recently unemployed. And the family now lives across the country from home, friends, and the girls’ grandparents. No money for day care.

Who ya gonna call?

Dad bravely steps up to the plate, but… let’s just say his inexperience shows.

To tell the truth, after the first chapter or two I got a little worried. The “errors” threatened to overwhelm the “comedy.” Had I misread the title?

I won’t spoil the rest, but let me assure you this turned out to be a Great Weekend Read.

Rob Armstrong, bless his heart, uses his own experience to create his fictional mayhem. Click here to find him on Amazon.

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