People Who Make Me Laugh

Last time I showed you some things that tickle my funnybone, so to speak. But for delightful, amusing surprises, you can’t do better than people. They don’t have to be professional comedians, either! Here are a few of my favorites…

Drill sergeants with big pink bows on their heads.

“Drop and give me twenty, Mommy!”

Dogs that do impersonations of landscape boulders. Seriously, I looked out my office window one day and thought, “Hmmmm… I don’t remember having two boulders in that flower bed.” Then I realized the reddish one on the left was my snoozing dog.

Tiny construction workers wearing safety vests or goggles.








My husband, Brent. Sure, he acts all mature and responsible and mellow, but sometimes he pulls a one-liner that makes me laugh so hard my knees buckle. F’rinstance… the other night we saw a commercial about some “Fast and Furious” auto dealer promotion…
Me: What, does Vin Diesel take you on the test-drive?
Brent: It’s more like a testosterone-drive.

I don’t know about you, but for me, laughter makes just about every experience better and more memorable.

Thanks for reading,

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3 Responses to People Who Make Me Laugh

  1. Jeannine Johnson says:

    Jan, always enjoy the humor in your stories. Keep it up. Love Mom


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