Book Giveaway — Update

In case you were wondering…

Ferguson Book CoverBack in October, I posted a review of the excellent book Pure Eyes, Clean Heart by Jen and Craig Ferguson. I wanted to get the news out about the book as a valuable marriage resource. Also, the publisher had sent me a copy to give away, and the post served as a chance for a reader to win this free copy.

So I wrote up my review, laid out the instructions for participating in the drawing, and sat back to see who would be chosen from among those who entered.

> crickets chirping <

Yep, I received all of Zero entries!

That’s a little embarrassing but, after some thought, I wasn’t too surprised. Two factors likely contributed to the silence:

1) Before the review, my last blog post had appeared nine weeks earlier. I had completely fallen off the “publish-a-post” map. Most of my readers, with the exception of Brent and my mother-in-law, had probably forgotten all about me.

2) A good portion of my actual readers were also in Jen’s book launch team. They saw the post, but didn’t enter the drawing because they also had free copies to give away.

That leaves the burning question:

What happened to the free copy you’d promised to give away?

I’m glad you asked. In the spirit of “not keeping a book that was provided for the sole purpose of giving it away,” I puzzled over what I could do with it that would get its hopeful message to the most people who needed it.

You’ll be happy to know that after discarding ideas such as “hand it to someone about to walk into an ‘adult bookstore,'” I ended up giving this copy to a wonderful family counselor who attends our church.

Just in case you were wondering.

Thanks for reading,

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