How to Dye Your Hair a Fashionable Shade of Magenta Without Actually Trying

This little freebie WordPress blog has a simple “stats” feature. It shows how many views my blog has had on each day, and the number of times each post was viewed.

Oddly enough, a quirky little post from over three years ago has been hit dozens of times in the past week or so. Why the sudden interest? No idea. However, I re-blog it here just for fun.

Joywriting: Everybody Has a Story

Step 1: Allow your hair to go grey. (If your hair is light blonde, either by nature or by art, you may skip this very time-consuming step.)

Step 2: Wash and dry the hair, then catch some of it back with a barrette so it doesn’t fall in your face. IMPORTANT: Grab less hair than the barrette will hold.

Step 3: Give your hair a dubious look in the mirror, then decide it will be fine.

Step 4: Go out and run errands all day, as bits of hair gradually work their way loose from the barrette and form a sort of curtain at either side of your face.

Step 5: Make sure your last stop before heading home is the grocery store.

Step 6: While in the store, notice that cherries are on sale. Buy a bag of these.

Step 7: Once back home, rinse the cherries. Observe that…

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