Digging Out

It’s happened again… A busy summer full of family graduations, weddings, helping kids move hither and yon, travel, cycling, not finding time to write because I’m trying to get ready for writers’ groups (what’s up with that??) — and right in the middle of all the hubbub…

The peaches got ripe!

Some of the branches hung so low that we couldn’t mow under them.

No time to chat… but this summer’s peachfest is almost exactly like the one we had two years ago, except the tree is bigger. You can just read about it by clicking this link: “It’s the Pits… But I Love It”

Meanwhile, I’ll be up to my elbows in peelings and pits, trying to squeeze one more bag of peach slices into the freezer. Fortunately, my sweet mother-in-law can use lots of these to make her world-famous preserves!

Well, I’ll soon be dug out from under Mount Fruit. And I’m thankful to have the abundance, after last year’s harvest of exactly zero peaches. What about you? Do you ever find yourself in a “feast-or-famine” situation with nothing for a while, then you’re swamped?

Thanks for reading,

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4 Responses to Digging Out

  1. THAT’S a LOT of peaches…………wow! ‘Feast or famine’? I’m gonna have to think about that. I’d like it to be more balanced because I’m seeking God’s presence more and I can hear Him better about whatever it is I am doing…does that make sense?
    Happy jamming!


    • You’re right, Jody… “feast or famine” is unavoidable in agriculture, but not so in arranging one’s schedule. I, too, have been trying to tune in better to the Lord so I don’t get over-committed and over-stressed.


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