“Wings of Glass” (Book Review)

HOLMES, GINA. Wings of Glass. Tyndale House, 2013.

Photo of cover borrowed from www.novelrocket.com

Photo of cover borrowed from http://www.novelrocket.com

(Fiction.) Penny Carson gave Trent Taylor her hand in marriage, but all he gave her in return was his fist… and harsh, demeaning words. Isolated from her family, almost a prisoner in her own home, Penny somehow still loves Trent.

I had never understood how any woman could put up with domestic abuse, but Holmes clearly depicts the low self-respect that made Penny susceptible to Trent’s insincere charm in the first place. Add his promise of escaping her dull life and his persuasion to elope with only a good-bye note to her parents. Result? The sense that she had burned her bridges and could never return home.

Though he was a most meager provider, Trent kept Penny dependent on him by refusing to allow her to look for a job. All that changed after he was seriously injured in a work accident. While he recovered, Penny would have to earn their living. As she scrambled to meet their needs, she caught the scent of freedom–of a normal, adult life. In the process she made two staunch friends who struggled to help her see her plight for what it was, and to break free. Would she find the strength to do so, before it was too late?

I highly recommend this story of friendship, courage and redemption. Holmes writes in the first person, from Penny’s point of view, with an engaging voice that made the character come to life for me. Penny’s story drew me in and left me with a greater understanding and compassion for women trapped in abusive relationships.

Available in paperback and e-reader formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks for reading!
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2 Responses to “Wings of Glass” (Book Review)

  1. hmmmmmm….sounds like an intriguing story. good job 🙂


  2. Cindy says:

    Will add to my reading list.


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