The Promises She Keeps (Book Review)

Here, for my Soli Deo Gloria sisters & everyone, is a review of one of the latest books I’ve read…

Healy, Erin. The Promises She Keeps. Thomas Nelson, Nashville, 2010.

Image from (link is below)

I would have bought this book just for the cover illustration. It perfectly captures the danger and suspense that the book serves up.

Promise, a singer who expects to die young from cystic fibrosis, wants to be remembered by people. But then she apparently starts cheating death. Can she keep doing so?

Porta, a sorceress who expects to find the secret to immortality, wants power over people. So far she has power only over her son, Zack.

Chase, a man with autism, carries visions and messages — while Chelsea, his twin sister, carries a lot of responsibility.

All four of their paths criss-cross as Healy weaves together seemingly unrelated threads from their pasts. Warning: while most pieces of the puzzle eventually fall into place, don’t expect all your questions to be answered. Still, I found this uncanny suspense story both touching and satisfying.

Click here to see the book on Amazon.

OR, Click here to read more about it at Erin Healy’s Website!

Thanks for reading,

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