Creature of Habit (Part 2)

I already told you about how I go on auto-pilot when doing routine things at home. Well, now it seems there are times I can’t remember whether I am riding my bicycle, or driving a car.

One afternoon I was driving along the freeway (in my car, not on the bike), heading south toward home. After I took my usual exit toward our little town, I found the access to the road I needed was temporarily blocked. Since I bicycle the area, I knew I could make a U-turn, go back north about a mile, and follow the backroads until I was on course again.

I maneuvered around, drove north on the feeder road, turned right and bumped across the railroad tracks. After a couple more turns I was going south again toward our little highway. Soon I came to the intersection where, if I had been bicycling, I would have turned left to avoid the highway traffic. Of course, since I was in the car, I didn’t need to worry about getting run over, so I would just go straight.

The car turned left, seemingly of its own willpower.

Okay, fine. This will take me a mile out of my way, but then when I finally get to the highway, I’ll turn onto it. Because I’m in the car. Not on the bike. It’s okay to drive the car on the highway.

I pulled up at the stop sign at the highway, turn signal blinking. After carefully looking both ways, I crossed the highway, staying on the little asphalt road instead of turning. Sheesh, here we go again.

Eventually I got home, but that is how I managed to fit a 10-minute drive into 20. All that cornering around pastures, up hill and down dale along narrow blacktop roads. Just because once I got on a familiar bike route, I could not get my brain out of bike mode.

Does anyone else find it hard to tame their inner “creature of habit?”

Thanks for reading!

PS: I am linking up with Rachel Anne and the Company Girls today. Feel free to stop by for a cup of virtual coffee!

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8 Responses to Creature of Habit (Part 2)

  1. Pastor Tim says:

    I, too, am a creature of habit but for me it’s all about timing.
    Leave the house around 620am so I can listen to the next chapter on Book Radio.
    Arrive at work at 7 and start showprep; into the studio for the show, lunch at 1130, production meeting on Tuesday’s, start P&W at 7pm on Wed and 11am on Sunday…. on and on…
    Put me in for the early morning show folks and my day is out of kilter.
    A bit late starting for church…out of kilter.
    It can physically affect a person and make one sick!
    I think patience is the key for me; calm down and go with the flow.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Jan! You are such a talented writer! Only you could take a mundane car drive and “turn” it into poetry! (pun intended) Love you, friend!!! ❤


  3. My husband is very much a creature of driving habit!! Do you know where you are going? Umm…no I don’t…. is a very often scenario when we are going new places!!!


  4. My problem is that sometimes I get where I am going and wonder how I got there. Is it age? Distractedness? Texting while driving? It’s a mystery. Loved this, Jan. Also, am planning to come to prayer breakfast that you’ll be speaking at! Yay!


    • Jan says:

      Yes, I’ve had those time when I would be driving and suddenly realize I couldn’t remember the last few miles. You’d better NOT be texting, Girl! I really look forward to seeing you at the prayer breakfast.
      Love ya!


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