What I Did on my Summer Vacation, Part 2: Currents

Sometimes you have to row twice as fast just to beat the current.Row, row, row, row… shore check. Oh, no–we’re still straight out in front of our hotel. Honestly, Brent and I have paddled for something like five minutes without moving at all, well, just a little closer to shore. We’re trying to angle off toward the north against the wind, so we don’t end up hitting the beach way off to the south and having to schlep the hotel’s kayak back to its sandy parking area on foot.

From our perspective, looking at the water’s rippling surface, we had been making pretty good progress as we paddled through wave after wave in the right direction. But under the surface, the current was trying to carry us in the opposite direction without our realizing it.

We got it safely to shore.
Life can be like that. Our appearance-crazy culture constantly works to shift my values away from those that are truly important. I aim to be kind and full of integrity, but watching too many crime movies seems to desensitize me to violence or dishonesty. On occasion I might even laugh at a joke when really, it should offend me because it demeans someone. I need frequent “shore checks” to make sure the current isn’t carrying me off course, even if I am paddling in the right direction.

What about you? Do you ever feel you’ve unwittingly drifted off in the wrong direction? How do you get back on course?

Thanks for reading,
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8 Responses to What I Did on my Summer Vacation, Part 2: Currents

  1. Rooh says:

    I’m visitong from the Home Sanctuary blog hop 🙂

    I like your imagery! I, too, need a “shore check” now and then. To realize that my time should be spent more doing quality things with my children, that I need to have some quality “me” time, that some things we’re doing need to be re-analyzed to get us all back on track.

    Have a great weekend!


    • Jan says:

      Good morning, “Rooh,” I appreciate your comment. I didn’t think about “currents” messing up our time management, but you are SO right! (Oh, and YAY for “me” time.)


  2. Jan, what a GREAT illustration…made me stop and think. I’ve been thinking about some of the hard rowing I’m doing in certain areas of my life that aren’t actually taking me in the direction I need to go. But because I’m working hard, I MUST be making progress, right?? Stopping for a shore check is just what I need.

    Sounds like you are having a great vacation – looks beautiful.


    • Jan says:

      Hi, Rachel! I’m glad the post was helpful. You’re right; it’s easy to perceive “effort” as “progress.” Thanks for sharing the comment, and for hosting us Company Girls!
      PS: The vacation was indeed great (we’re already back).


      • Jan,
        My, you really know how to express your feelings about your adventures on your vacation. We do tend to camouflage ourself and not stand for what we believe and know what is right.
        God can make us paddle in the right direction even when we are going upstream (or troubled times are coming our way)
        Thank you for your thoughts
        Love you,


      • Jan says:

        Hi, Mom! One more vacation story to go! Glad you enjoyed the first two. Thanks for the comment,


  3. Jen says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many life lessons the ocean can teach us. As I sit here and ponder what you have written, there is conviction. It’s gentle, but conviction nonetheless. Perhaps I’ve been striving for something that I’m not really supposed to be striving for…


    • Jan says:

      Thank you, Jen. It looks as if all of us face our own kinds of currents. Looking forward to linking up this evening! (And I seriously loved your post of yesterday.)


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