How To Survive Winter In North Texas

Consistent? No. Interesting? Always.
It’s Texas Weather!
Here is how you might navigate through a typical winter day in the Dallas area…

1. Check; note that it’s 35 degrees out there! Add “hot chocolate” to grocery list.
2. In addition to jeans, warm shoes, tank top and long-sleeve shirt, put on heavy coat.
3. Drive to grocery store; buy hot chocolate mix and other grocery items.
4. Take groceries out to car.
5. Remove heavy coat; place in back seat.
6. Drive home.
7. Carry a load of groceries into kitchen.
8. Put teakettle on to boil water for hot chocolate.
9. Carry another load of groceries into kitchen.
10. Remove long-sleeve shirt, leaving just the tank top.
11. Carry remaining groceries and heavy coat into house.
12. Hang heavy coat in closet; remove shoes.
13. When teakettle whistles, place hot chocolate mix into the cabinet and retrieve teabags.
14. Use boiling water to make a pitcher of iced tea.
15. Put away all groceries.
16. After dinner, watch weather forecast.
17. Go outside and cover cold-sensitive plants to protect them from expected overnight frost.

NOTE: Though we often DO have “cold days” or “mild days,” these “mixed-weather” days can occur anywhere from November through March. Be prepared!

Thanks for reading!

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